Friday, June 12, 2009

The time is now

The selfish, materialistic world that we have been living in is coming apart at the seams. Sadly it is not going to simply fade away in some magical enlightenment where we all realize the wondrous magic and beauty that exists on the Earth. There are just too many people who are firmly entrenched in the materialistic world and wholly unready for any sort of spiritual evolution. We, as a species, have taken more than our share and caused too much destruction. And yet we still continue forward at an ever increasing pace. The consequence of this situation can only be further environmental destruction, social upheaval, and eventually significant, life-threatening chaos.

There are many who say that 2012 will bring the end of the world. These prophecies of doom and gloom are not correct. 2012 will, in fact, usher in a new age of wonder and harmony. It will be a time of raising consciousness to a higher level of vibration. It will be the dawn of a world where peace is a reality and not simply an excuse to make more war.

The real challenge for all of us is now...right now. We must begin to move towards this reality now. The dramatic changes that are taking place in the world today will only increase as we move closer to the galactic convergence. Those who realize the necessity of making a fundamental shift in both lifestyle and consciousness right now are going to be the ones with the greatest chance of navigating the turbulent times ahead.
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