Monday, April 26, 2010

Spring Season - Wood Element - Liver Detox

As promised this blog is about Springtime and Wood energy which are directly related to the Liver organ in the human body.
By now just about everyone should be enjoying the magical awakening that is taking place. In the cycle of the seasons spring is a wonderful experience of rebirth and expression. It is important to take a moment and immerse yourself in this process. The natural world has so much healing energy, yet we almost seem to avoid it these days...

In Chinese 5 Element theory Spring is associated with the element of Wood. The Wood energy flow is facilitated through the liver. The liver is the yin organ which stores blood and facilitates the flow of blood and energy through the body. The liver is responsible for the strength and flexibility of muscles, ligaments and tendons. The gallbladder is the yang organ that balances the liver and is responsible for storing and excreting bile. Cultivating Wood energy can help with subduing anger and irritability as well as banishing indecisiveness. It also helps with blood flow problems.
The increasing power of Wood provides us with the ability to recognize our higher purpose in life. Connecting to Wood energy brings us into alignment with nature.

Care for your Liver
After a cold winter it is always beneficial to take care of your liver.
1 - Drink water 1st thing in the morning - this supports the liver's natural detoxification process
2 - Eat more green vegetables - green is the color associated with the liver and provides chlorophyll, a substance plants use to trap the energy of the sun.
3 - avoid refined sugar
4 - eat more sour tasting foods to enhance bile flow
5 - reduce alcohol, nicotine and caffeine consumption to ease the pressure on the liver.
6 - schedule time for self-care. Get a massage, take a hot bath, come to a vermont retreat!
7 - Breathe, move and relax....
Practice Zen Yoga! -
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