Saturday, September 5, 2009

Acknowledging Nature

We shape ourselves by the thoughts we hold in our minds. The thoughts we dwell on create the reality we live in. Holding negative thoughts shapes our world into something we fear. When we are fearful things we encounter reinforce our negative thoughts. This generates an energy field that surrounds us and encourages unwelcome situations. It is very easy to get caught in a downward spiral.

One of the drawbacks of our highly complex society is that we have become very distracted and oblivious to some of the fundamental aspects of life. We get so attached to our technological innovations that we forget the magical world that exists outside in nature. The busyness of the world fragments our mental process and creates gaps for negative thoughts to take hold.

If we are able to carve out some time to spend in the natural world we give ourselves an opportunity to bring some balance back into our lives. We are living beings on this planet, an integral part of the whole and it is essential that we cultivate this connection. By acknowledging nature we learn to sense the vital spirit that exists within all things and this enables us to restore balance and wellbeing to our lives.

wishing you much peace
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