Friday, December 28, 2007

Warrior - Healer - Shaman - Mystic - Sage

Warrior – Healer – Shaman – Mystic – Sage

At this moment in time we are less than five years from the winter solstice of 2012. Whatever your beliefs on the manner in which this Great Cycle comes to an end, it is safe to say that change is upon us. And while many would say that the shadows are growing darker, an optimist would answer that is because the light that casts them is growing brighter. A Taoist sage would smile and breathe in the present moment…for absolute reality is vastly different from what is real. And, of course, we have learned to obfuscate reality so well through technology and the media that it is no longer possible to definitively determine what is real anyway.

In the real world of business, politics, and sports 2008 is not looking too good. In the Mayan Cycle of 13 tuns that began in 1999, this year we reach the midnight hour or 5th night.

These times are like dynamite in a head-on with history, some fool’s gonna burn it all down, don’t care about you ‘n me. --- Alanah Myles

In times like these, wise men and women band together. It is not new. Along any journey it is useful to band together with like-minded people when traveling through difficult terrain. Sharing knowledge and skills is vital for survival. But now it is even more important. We are beginning to remember what we have always known…we are inseparable from the laws of nature and the laws of the cosmos…and what goes around, comes all the way back around.

In banding together each person imparts their wisdom like a piece of a great puzzle, which, when completed, creates a map showing the path forward. It is time for those who understand the difference between; knowing the path and walking the path, to walk it together.

This Earth is not much longer going to be content as humanity’s captive. It is time for us to vibrate on a higher level, to connect with the divine that exists within us all. It is time for the warriors, the healers, the shaman, the mystics, and the sages to recognize and accept their role in the present moment.

In peace,
Aaron Hoopes

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