Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Whole Health & Hoitsugan

It feels as if I haven't stopped since I got back from Australia and Japan.

We had a booth at the Whole Health Expo in Northampton, MA (http://wholehealthexpo.com/ )this past weekend and taught a couple of workshops. It was very well attended. I got the sense that people are really looking for something that will help them feel better. The problem is that we tend to look everywhere but inside ourselves for the answer. All the crystals, magnets, detoxifying foot baths and health drinks are wonderful, but without a body that is moving and breathing combined with a mind that is calm and undistracted, they are not really going to be of any real help other than to trick us into thinking we are fine...more on this later.

Need to switch gears this week. Thursday I'm off to San Francisco for the 3rd Hoitsugan Seminars. This is a series 47 karate seminars taught by some of the best martial artists in the world. I am honored to be a part of it and bring Zen Yoga to the program. I will be teaching 5 seminars over the weekend. Should be a great time!
more information is here: http://www.hoitsugan.com/hoitsuganseminars3.html

The new Zen Yoga Online Course starts this week and we are happy to have a good group of new instructors joining us. Always looking for people who want to explore things a little deeper.

in peace,


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to take a moment to send props on a fantastic book/DVD combo. I am especially pleased with the DVD - very solid production values and demonstrations. The post-warm-up early morning time just seems to hum and glow. Please know that your work has made a significant impact in the life of at least one person today!


Aaron Hoopes said...

Thanks so much for your kind words, it really is great to hear from someone that this work has touched.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to follow-up with a question regarding the Warm-Up exercises, specifically the Energy Ball and the Gathering Qigong that involves holding the breath at the top. While the book and video do a great job of explaining the mechanics, I am left wanting more with regards to the what, how, why of the energy transfer process. What is the reason for holding the breath or going through the third eye? Why does the ball go back to the abdominal chakra and what is the significance of the up, middle, down placement? Probably most importantly, what should I be visualizing to help make these exercises more than skin deep.

You provide a wonderful context in the book regarding "Eastern Traditions". But it's probably all the more reason that I want to fully understand the "why" so I am transcending the process beyond simple movement/breathing.

Any tips or "pointing to the moon" that you could do on these subjects would be very helpful. That said, it may be that I just need to dig a little deeper into Qigong, in which case any book or internet reference is appreciated!


Aaron Hoopes said...

The best way to get a fuller understanding of this is to participate in a Zen Yoga class or workshop. I don't know where you are located, but we have a Retreat in Vermont this summer where I will be covering all of this material.

please contact me from the website for more detailed information on Zen Yoga as well...thanks.

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