Saturday, February 7, 2009

Mind-Body Connection

The more we train our body the stronger and healthier it becomes. In the same manner, the more we train our mind the calmer and clearer it becomes. This practice is like sharpening the blade of a sword. The healthier the body and the calmer the mind the better we are able to focus more completely on the task at hand.

Training the body is a physical challenge. Whether it is zen yoga, tai chi, marital arts, tennis, golf swimming or is about moving the body and flowing with energy. However training the mind is a much greater challenge. There are many distractions. The practice of meditation needs to be an integral part of life even when we feel that it is not doing anything for us. The subtle changes that occur over time through the regular study of meditation are invaluable. While we may understand the concept of meditation intellectually, putting aside time to practice is often difficult. Nevertheless, the clarity of thought that meditation provides is something vital to our training that we should not be without. It brings us to a moment of zen, being fully alive in the present moment.

When we exist fully in the present moment we embody our true self. Like moving in stereo, the body and mind become a single flowing entity. By following the same rhythm, each compliments the other. We are able to react without thought or hesitation. Our reactions are perfectly appropriate depending on the situation, neither too strong nor too weak.

This is the true meaning of body and mind connection.

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Lea said...

Good post. I think you touched on the basic challenge of practicing meditation.

Unlike other things we might practice, meditation requires mindfulness, as opposed to thoughtless or robotic activity. It takes practice to bring a distracted mind under control.

Have a marvelous weekend

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