Monday, August 10, 2009

10 Ways to Increase Your Stress

10 Ways to Increase Your Stress

1. Become inflexible. Demand that everyone do things your way. Don't listen to other opinions or ideas. Dismiss them as irrelevant.

2. Try to do twice as much as you can actually accomplish. Multi-task your multi-tasking. Fill your schedule and then try to fit in more things.

3. Worry about anything and everything...especially those things over which you have no control. Fret, fume and feel as if the whole world is out to get you.

4. Take things personally. Don't wait for things to bother you. Go out and look for things that will annoy you and let them get under your skin. Any mistake or problem should be taken as a personal insult.

5. Demand perfection from everyone and everything around you. Be sure to expect much more than is possible. Be as miserable as possible when things go wrong.

6. Abandon your sense of humor. Try to treat every matter as the most important thing in the world. Every minor thing should heighten your anger level.

7. Be cynical about the world. Look for events and situations that back up your view. Ignore any good news. Be pessimistic about other people's motives. Be suspicious of everyone.

8. Watch television, especially reality shows. Turn the volume up during commercials. Eat lots of junk food and drink soda.

9. Abandon your ability to change and adapt to the world around you. Be rigid in your body and mind. Don't allow anything to disturb your misery.

10. Hold your breath, don't exercise. Tighten your shoulder muscles and slouch. Frown, scowl and be sure to crease the lines your forehead.

NOTE: Please consult your personal physician before undertaking any stress-increasing activities.

WARNING: Failure to follow these guidelines can result in occasional bouts of peace, harmony and a desire to check out the relaxed breathing and movement of Zen Yoga.


Barbara said...

Hmmm, I 'm not very good at this - I was breathing and smiling the whole time I was reading it! ;)

Aaron Hoopes said...

keep on the frown and watch more tv.

Angela Terga said...

With school starting back last week I was able to see a lot of this around me, how about adding: demand that everyone is quiet around you? I can already see the frown line on my forhead getting stronger. Breathe out!!!!!!!!!

jsrsolution001 said...

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