Sunday, July 24, 2011

Summer Gardens and Thoughts

Snake Terrace Garden
It is really quite amazing how quickly time passes in the summer. I've been spending so much time outside in the gardens, not to mention the woods or the horse farm, that there has been little time to get on the computer. And even when I do get on the computer I can't seem to get too excited about sitting in front of it. And with our Zen Yoga Retreats coming up we have plenty of work to do.

Of course part of it is that the summers here in the mountains of Vermont are short and you want to take advantage of it as much as possible. Another reason is simply that sitting in front of the computer gets old. Being out and experiencing life is a true joy. We tend to fool ourselves when we blog or text or surf the net, thinking we are interacting with other people and the natural world, but it just isn't true.

I've written a bit recently about the vibrational changes that many people are feeling taking place in the world. It is hard to turn a blind eye to these changes once you start to feel them.

We really need to take some time for ourselves. This time needs to be spent out in nature, away from the technological chains that are binding us to the modern world.

Ask yourself; When was the last time you stood in front of a huge bonfire and watched the flames dance into the night sky?

Strengthening our relationship with the element of Fire is vitally important. We take all of the energy we use for granted. We flick a switch and the lights come on.

This goes for the other elements as well. Are you aware of the water you use in daily life? Do you let the tap run while you are brushing your teeth?

We can no longer choose to be ignorant of these issues. There are too many of us on this planet and not enough of everything to go around. It is time to pay attention.

Spending time honoring the elements and nature should be a daily practice. We need to be a bit more humble in our approach to things. We are not the center of the universe.

Anyone needing a deeper exploration into these studies is welcome to join our SELF-MASTERY ONLINE COURSE - The Fundamentals of Zen Yoga

until next time...wishing you much peace


Eleanor said...

Hope your vegetable garden is doing well, too! Love this time of year! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Aaron, Hope you and Elfeya are doing OK. You were in our thoughts yesterday as we were watching footage about the storm affecting Vermont. We are safe and sound, hoping you too are safe.
Talking about the power of Mother Nature and the elelents...the water and the wind sweeping through the area put some things in perspective for me.
Keep on writing, I love reading your blog.

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