Friday, December 23, 2011

Peaceful Holiday 2011

Another holiday season is upon us. As usual the holidays can stir up quite a lot of stress. When we combine this with the general unease that seems to pervade the world at the moment, it breeds difficulty and uncertainty into our daily life. And while many are caught up in the distractions that appear to be growing louder and more insistent, a lot of people are truly ready for some sort of shift in awareness that will change the dynamics of this situation.

In truth there is no other place to look than within ourselves. We are only going to find the way forward by turning inwards and getting our own house in order.

This holiday season let’s all try to be a little more forgiving and humble in our thoughts and actions. We always have a choice as to how we react in any given situation. Everyone has felt the energy change when an angry person walks into a room. Everyone gets a little on edge. Remember…this dynamic works both ways. If we can find a calm center within ourselves then we give others a reference point to find calmness within themselves. The holidays really need to be about cultivating peace and harmony in the world. Finding faults in others or laying blame for things elsewhere simply creates friction and unease.

2012 is around the corner. It is the Chinese Year of the Dragon. Change is here whether we are ready or not. It is time to stand in your place of wisdom and be present.

I wish you happiness, health and peace for this holiday season. 

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