Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Vibrational Changes

Events of the world appear to be moving quite rapidly. This phenomenon has been called the Quickening or Earth Changes. Whatever name you decide to give it, the bottom line is that for many people there is finally a dawning recognition of the dramatic changes we are facing in the world as events begin to impact daily life. This brings with it a palpable sense of upheaval and disturbance that can breed fear and uncertainty. And while many people are scared or confused at the disruptions that are taking place, they fail to recognize their own behavior that continues to contribute to the situation. 

At a fundamental level these changes are vibrational. Everything is vibrating. We are all in a state of energetic vibration. However as the finite limits of the planet are neared these vibrations are starting to shift and grow in intensity. With the increasing intensity we start to become more aware of the vibrations. These vibrations can affect our lives in many ways, but most often it results in higher levels of stress and tension during the daily interactions we have. Dealing with these vibrations can be a challenge as they can often be very destabilizing to our inner equilibrium. At times, it can even seem as if everything is on the verge of falling to pieces.

People in the spiritual community have more skills to deal with these vibrational shifts than the average person. They usually have some type of meditative and/or healing modalities that help to counter effects of shifting vibrational energy fields, yet even those who are grounded in spiritual practices can be knocked off balance by people or events beyond their control. In addition modern technologies including phones, computers and televisions create their own vibrational fields that disrupt our connection to the planet. Becoming aware of these vibrations is imperative if we are going to move forward towards a more enlightened way of being.

Modern society appears to have reached another important crossroad. We have had a number of opportunities in the recent past and it is hard to know how many more there will be. Like the pendulum that swings from one extreme to the other, our way of living has reached the point where going forward in our destructive all-consuming manner is no longer feasible. As a civilization we have come to consider the Earth, the plants, the animals, other human beings and everything else, whether it is nailed down or not, resources to be exploited. This no longer serves us (it never did to begin with) and we must do something different.

Long ago humans lived in harmony with the world around them. They had a relationship with spirit, and an underlying reverence for the life-force that flowed through everything. They entrained with the vibrations of the Earth. From the Celtic concept of dana to the Chinese tao, people used to live in reverence of the world and pay homage to the spirit that exists within all things. And that spirit was strong within them. We need to return to this way of being. Our connection to the world is vital to our survival. We need to break out of the shell created by the vibrations of the technological distractions of the world. We need more time with the trees and the animals. We need to listen to silence.

Global awakening was never going to come from the top down. It must start with each of us as individuals. We can continue headlong over the edge of the abyss or step back and turn down a different path. And while many have chosen to relinquish their will and courage to embrace the excessive materialism of today, many others are starting to feel unsatisfied with that world.

It is imperative we regain our sensitivity to the vibrations, lest we become like those doomed animals in Pink Floyd’s “Sheep” Meek and obedient we follow the leader down well-trodden corridors into the valley of steel.

I have always believed that if you always do what you’ve always done you will always get what you have always gotten. The logical conclusion to this is that if you are unsatisfied with what you have then in order to change that you need to do something different. This is easy to say but can be extremely difficult to put into practice. This process starts in the mind. You have to make a mental commitment first if you want to succeed at this.

A great cycle is coming to an end and a new age is dawning. It is time to turn away from the lower vibrations. It is time to focus on our spiritual development and vibrate on a different wavelength.

10 Things to Do To Change Your Life

  1. Turn off the television. Unplug it. Toss it out the window. Everyone enjoys a movie or show sometimes, but end your relationship with commercial television today.
  2. Spend at least one day a week away from the computer, phone and internet. No calls, no emails, no Facebook…just leave it alone for a whole day and see if you can notice a vibrational difference.
  3. Grow a plant from a seed. Water it, nurture it, experience it growing.
  4. Cultivate a relationship with a tree. Sit with it and see if you can learn something.
  5. Give up junk food. No excuses, just stop eating low vibration food.
  6. Give thanks to spirit at mealtimes for the blessing of having food to eat
  7. Learn a new spiritual discipline like yoga, tai chi, meditation, tea ceremony, or anything that teaches you to be more mindful.
  8. Learn to play a musical instrument. It doesn’t matter if it is a harmonica, drum or trumpet, allow the vibration of music to move through you.
  9. Walk outside in nature everyday. Feel the vibration.
  10. . Make someone else feel good about themselves.

We stand on the threshold of a profound shift in our world. Wake up, strengthen your body and clear your mind. There is much work to be done.

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Wishing you much peace.

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So true, great info and advice. said...

So true, good info and advice. IMnsHO and E.

Garden Green said...

What wonderful reminders to wake up to this morning. I could see the land around you in my mind's eye while reading this. Thank you so much for these written words.


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