Tuesday, November 20, 2007

5 Tips to De-stress for the Holidays

At the risk of sounding a little simplistic I wanted to put together these five tips to de-stress for the holidays. The holiday season can always be a little stressful. However, this year there seems to be even more uncertainty in the general outlook for the future of our world.

Sometimes it is good to have some basic reminders that can help to keep us grounded. They give us the opportunity to stay present in the moment and enjoy the good feelings the holidays bring. Then we can bring those good feeling with us when we meet others and spread the positive energy.

Tip One:
Remember to Breathe~!

Deep breathing is the simplest thing we can do to help ourselves feel better immediately. It brings more oxygen into the body, energizes the blood stream, helps the muscles grow stronger, and clears the mind. When things get stressful...breathe!

Tip Two:
Shrug your Shoulders

The holidays can bring lots of physical tension to your body. Shrugging the shoulders loosens the tightness that builds up in the upper body. The muscles of the shoulder need to be stimulated to help the circulation bring fresh energy through the area. Besides, it just feels good.

Tip Three:
Circle your Hips

The hips are the center of our being. Keeping things loose and moving in that area allows blood and energy to flow smoothly up to the head and down to the feet. Circling the hips breaks down calcium deposits on the bones and eases tension in the lower back. And while circling your hips may make you feel silly...it will definitely make you feel good.

Tip Four:
Shake your Arms and Legs

Tension from stress gets trapped all over the body. Shaking loosens things up. Shaking the legs out and then shake the hands. Feel as if you are covered in water and you want to shake the drops off. Really allow things to be loose and relaxed. Shaking stimulates the circulatory system and assists with energy movement through the body.

Tip Five:
Find a little Peace and Quiet

The holidays are going to be hectic, noisy and stressful. We all know this. If you can give yourself a few moments each day to sit in silence and breathe, you will ground yourself and be able to keep your center when things get crazy. Be smart, give yourself a little time to relax and your holidays will be wonderful!

Have a safe and peaceful holiday season.

Aaron Hoopes
Breathe - Move - Relax

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