Friday, April 18, 2008

The Flow

The flow of life can sometimes be an overwhelming experience. Like trying to sail upon a tumultuous ocean, we can get caught up in the torrent, unable to navigate effectively. We end up getting tossed about this way and that. At times we feel as if we are about to capsize while other times we may seem adrift in the world, lost in the vastness of existence. Too often we fight against the flow. We attempt to stop it or seek to change its direction, yet all we end up doing is flailing about looking for an alternative to drowning.

Fighting against the flow is not the answer. Instead of looking around for a way to stop or redirect the current, the key is to turn inwards and adjust our rudder. If we allow ourselves to be carried along with the flow we can eventually reach our destination. If we view everything that happens to us as an opportunity to learn and grow then we begin to generate positive energy. It is possible to go where we want to go but it requires harmony within the body and a calm presence of mind.

When we start to take care of ourselves we become aware of the flow and eventually realize that the flow was going in the right direction the whole time. When we aren’t taking care of the body or the mind is full of hectic thoughts we tend to try to force things to happen. We fight against the natural movement of the universe. We seek answers everywhere but within. This is a sure way to confusion and difficulty. Let us learn to move with the current, adjusting our rudder as necessary.

Life should be a dancing adventure.

Breathe the energy.
Move the body.
Calm the mind.

Adjust your rudder and go with the flow.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Great wisdom, great blog...thanks for inviting me over!

Going with the flow is always the way to go
Because it takes you where you really want to go
If you pay attention you too will be in the know
And enjoy going with the flow

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