Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Zen Anti-Diet

Aaron Hoopes and Zen Yoga are happy to announce the publication of the new ebook

This little book is a daring approach to eating and losing weight, except that it is not a diet book. Instead, it is an application in the context of Zen about healthy food and eating habits that should be part of everyone’s life. It provides anyone the framework for achieving their ideal weight.Eat Smart starts with the basic proposition that most of the diets we are bombarded with daily on television, in books and other media just don’t work! They just don’t. And the dieters who appear to benefit generally gain all the lost weight right back.

The Zen Anti-Diet is a practice of learning to be mindful of what you are putting into your body and allowing your body to reach a natural state of peace and contentment.Fundamental point of this book is about Zen and becoming attuned to the present moment. Practicing the Zen Anti-Diet is a recipe for happiness, health and long life.

Aaron Hoopes’ book Eat Smart is a holistic approach to eating which follows the precepts of Zen in its emphasis on experiencing the present moment and on connecting with the core of one’s being.Starting at the most basic levels, Mr. Hoopes counsels a slowing down of the food consumption process and underlines the importance of water in the human circulatory system. He suggests maintaining a peaceful and happy environment for eating and urges you to pay attention to the usually unheralded nutritional value of chewing longer. He also recommends you try to avoid achieving sensations of fullness by being mindful of the timing and the size of your meals.

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of the book is to refrain from consuming the many additives, chemicals and poisons found in processed foods.Hoopes provides a number of exercises to help imprint the Zen Anti-Diet concept in your mind and offers tools to enhance the beneficial habits of food consumption.


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