Wednesday, February 27, 2008

three days in Tokyo

Tokyo was intense. It never ceases to amaze me how many people there are. You literally cannot go anywhere in the city without there being 50 other people in the same place. It actually seems more crowded than it did last time I was there in 2003. Which probably isn't a news flash, but back then I thought there were already too many people.

The biggest difficulty I found was that most restaurants still permit smoking and there is nothing that ruins a good meal more than a mouthfull of smoke as you eat your sushi.

We held a Zen Yoga workshop at the Sun & Moon Yoga studio in Meguro. Leza Lowitz was the host and we had a full house. I taught the new 5-Elements 10 Zen Qigong form I have been perfecting.
The next evening I gave a lecture and book signing at Good Day Books in Ebisu. Ebisu is where I did most of my Shotokan karate training back in the 1980's when the headquarters of the Japan Karate Association was located there. It is still the location of the Hoitsugan, the private dojo of Sensei Nakayama, though he passed away in 1987. Speaking of the Hoitsugan, I will be attending the 3rd Hoitsugan Seminars in the Silicon Valley or Northern California - March 12-16, 2008
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The final day of my time in Tokyo was spent at the Foreign Correspondent's Club of Japan in Yurakucho. I met with Barry Lancet, Senior Editor of Kodansha International. We were joined by Sophie Hardach a journalist from Reuters news service and Kim Kyunghoon a photographer. They conducted an interview and photoshoot to be posted on their lifestyles site and made available to news agencies around the world.
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More soon, once I recover from my trip home.....

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