Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Walkabout in Australia

After a 24-hour trip, I made it to the land Down Under. It is summer here and about 84 degrees and sunny. I spent the first 4 days climbing in the outback mountains of the Great Dividing Range with my long-time friend and Zen Yoga instructor Paul Carney. I was lucky to swim in a couple of absolutely stunning rock pools beneath magnificient waterfalls. On one day we hiked and climbed for 7 hours and never saw another person. We did see hundreds of kangaroos however. Of course, I took lots of photos, but they will have to wait until my return to post them.

Most of the time was spent breathing in the amazing energy of the land and taking time to find that calm center within. It is really amazing what you can discover when you can disconnect from all of the distracting buzz of modern society. We really don't give ourselves enough time to do this.

Internet access is spotty, but I'll try to post again soon.

more soon,

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